Initial Showing: Friday, November 13, 2020

Time: 4PM Pacific /7PM Eastern


  • Monnica Williams, PhD, SRF Board Member


  • Alan K Davis, PhD, SRF Founding Director
  • Dawn Davis, MA, SRF Founding Director
  • Olivia Marcus, SRF Grant Recipient 
  • Ingmar Gorman, PhD, Fluence Cofounder
  • Elizabeth Nielson, PhD, Fluence CoFounder

Increasing access to training and education is needed to overcome the lack of diversity in the overlapping fields of psychedelic science and medicine. Two organizations working to address this, Fluence and the Source Research Foundation (SRF), are co-hosting a panel discussion on opportunities for training and education in the psychedelic field. SRF, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, supports student researchers and community members with grants for research and community projects related to the field of psychedelics. They are launching two new special grants for people of color in both the student research and community grants program. Fluence provides education for clinicians and advanced level graduate students who wish to engage in psychedelic integration therapy and practice psychedelic-assisted therapy, providing support through scholarships and the Fluence Diversity Fund. At this program, Fluence and the SRF will announce a special collaboration designed to enhance opportunities for recipients of both SRF grants and Fluence Diversity Fund scholarships. This webinar is by-donation, with proceeds to support both SRF people of color grants and the Fluence Diversity Fund.

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A collaborative presentation by:

Source Research Foundation

Source Research Foundation Student Grant Program

Fluence Postgraduate Certificate in Psychedelic Integration Therapy