This webinar was recorded live/online Wednesday, January 25, 2023 @ 3:00 - 4:00 PM EST

Type: Zoom Webinar

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) is a therapeutic modality in which ketamine is used as an adjunct to psychotherapy to help eligible patients experience more frequent breakthroughs and better clinical outcomes. A growing number of psychotherapists are passionate about psychedelic therapies and want to become KAP providers, but do not know how to get started. Join industry leaders Fluence and Journey Clinical, and successful KAP providers Rebecca Kronman, LCSW and Lauren Taus, LCSW to hear how to practically and successfully step into this work in 2023. This is a free webinar for licensed mental health professionals interested in delivering KAP in their practice.


Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Trainer

Ingmar Gorman, PhD

Dr. Ingmar Gorman is a psychologist who specializes in helping people who use psychedelics and other psychoactive compounds. He received his clinical training at the New School for Social Research, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, Columbia University, and Bellevue Hospital. He completed his NIH postdoctoral fellowship at New York University in 2017. Dr. Gorman was formerly the Director of the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program at the Center for Optimal Living and is now the co-founder of Fluence, a psychedelic education company training mental health providers in psychedelic treatments. Along with Dr. Paleos, he is currently site co-principal investigator and therapist on a Phase 3 clinical trial of MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Rebecca Kronman, LCSW

Rebecca is a licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder of Plant Parenthood, a digital and in-person community of parents who use psychedelics. At her private practice in Brooklyn, NY she works with creative professionals using mindfulness and experiential techniques to address depression, anxiety and life transitions. In addition, she works in the re-emerging clinical space of psychedelic harm reduction and integration, helping clients prepare for psychedelic experiences, incorporate insights or cope with challenges post-experience. Her experience includes Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Mindfulness for Clinicians, Psychedelics 101 & 102, and Beyond Experience Psychedelic Integration Workshop.

Guest Speakers

  • Jonathan Sabbagh

    (Journey Clinical | CEO & Co-Founder)

  • Lauren Taus, LCSW

    (KAP Provider & Journey Clinical Advisor)

Disclaimer: This webinar does not represent legal advice. The organizers of this event recommend that you obtain legal guidance from your attorney prior to implementing KAP into your clinical practice.